Forms are the natural phenomena that can be manipulated by magic. These not only represent your learning and skill with various areas of magic but also represent the way your very being expresses magic on a fundamental level. As such, your score in a form will help you resist spells of that type while also helping you to avoid harm from mundane sources related to that form. For instance, your Ignem score will help you resist damage done from fire and cold sources. This is called a Form Bonus. The most prominent examples of when this bonus would come into play are listed along with each form below.

Animal_symbol.jpgAnimal (An) – “Animal”

Animal deals with all the animals of the world including the birds in the sky and the fish in the sea. It does not, however, deal with human beings. Hermetic theorists still vigorously debate why this is so.

Your form bonus for animal can be applied to things like your soak against animal attacks such as bites, claws etc and your resist rolls against poisons rendered from animals.

Aquam_symbol.jpgAquam (Aq) – “Water”

Aquam deals with water and all manner of liquids. It also deals with the various properties of liquidity.

Your form bonus for aquam can be applied to things like resisting drowning, and thirst as well as your soak total versus water jets and the like.

Auram_symbol.jpgAuram (Au) – “Air”

Auram is the art of air, wind and weather. It also governs gaseous forms in general.

Your form bonus for auram can be applied to things like resisting suffocation, including drowning, and soak against weather phenomena like lightning.

Corpus_symbol.jpgCorpus (Co) – “Body”

Corpus is the Art of human bodies. It also affects dead bodies and the bodies of magical or faerie creatures that look human, as well as those of living humans. Since natural philosophy asserts that these things have no more in common than their appearance, and Corpus does not affect human statues, Hermetic theorists are puzzled by the range of this form.

Your form bonus for Corpus can be applied to things like soak against human unarmed attacks and rolls to resist disease. It does not apply to aging rolls.

Herbam_symbol.jpgHerbam (He) – “Plant”

Herbam is the Art that deals with plants and trees. This includes plant matter of all types whether alive or dead. So, dead wood and linens can be as equally affected as live trees and flowers.

Your form bonus for Herbam can be applied to things like soak against wooden weapons, rolls to resist herbal poisons and rolls to resist starvation.

Ignem_symbol.jpgIgnem (Ig) – “Fire”

The Art of Ignem deals with fire, heat and light.

Your form bonus for Ignem can be applied to things such as soaking against fire and cold.

Imaginem_symbol.jpgImaginem (Im) – “Image”

Imaginem deals with the things in the world that the senses respond to. Natural philosophy calls them species and all things give them off, one for each sense. Touch and taste specie do not travel far while sight specie require some form of light in order for them to be transmitted.

Imaginem affects the process by which these species are produced rather than the actual species. Thus, the species that come from an illusion are, themselves, not magical.

Imaginem cannot create solidity, only the feeling of solidity up until one put’s their hand through the illusion. Touch illusions are better at changing the way something feels, such as changing a wooden club to feel like stone, or a sharp knife to feel dull.

Imaginem only changes the appearance that an object presents to the world, not the actual effects of the object. So, a fire can be made to feel cool, but it will still burn.

Your form bonus for Imaginem can be applied to things like resisting confusion, deafening, or nausea due to sights, sounds, smells, or tastes.

Mentem_symbol.jpgMentem (Me) – “Mind”

Mentem deals with the Mind, thoughts and spirits. It can also be used to affect the corporeal body of spirits (ghosts et al.) as they are a manifestation of the mind.

Your form bonus for Mentem can be applied to things like resisting mundane persuasion, deception and temptation.

Terram_symbol.jpgTerram (Te) – “Earth”

The art of Terram deals with solids, especially the earth and stone.

Your form bonus for Terram can be applied to things like your soak versus metal or stone weapons as well as resisting mineral based poisons.

Vim_symbol.jpgVim (Vi) – “Power”

Vim is the art of raw magical power. All Arts rely on the raw energy and potential of magice but Vim is the refinement of the use of magic itself allowing magi to have greater control over their spells.

Vim also affects magical, infernal, divine and faerie creatures.

Your form bonus for Vim can be applied to things like resisting Twilight, but not comprehending it, as well as your soak versus damage from your own spellcasting but not from your own spells.

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